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My New Sister

posted Jan 30, 2011 18:51:53 by ModonRaj
i my name is David. I'm 15, male and about 6 feet tall. My girl friend
would say I have an athletic build but I think I'm only average. I guess
my story starts with my dad and mom. See my mother died during child birth
"me". So it's been just me and him for 13 years. That's how things used
to be. That is until he meet a nice woman named Jessica. They went out a
few times. She started to come over more often. Until, I was seeing her
almost every day.

Then he finally he did it. He popped the question. And now here I am in a
suite and tie watching my dad and my new mother walk down the aisle.

They had just kissed and were now turning and walking down the aisle. I
was happy for him. He had finally found a person who loved him just as
much as he used to love mom.

Or that's what he told me when we had the site down talk about him getting

Jessica is nice and all, I can't get used to calling her mom at least not
yet. I told her that for now I'll stick with Jessica. She Smiled at me
and said "that would be fine". Yep she was a keeper. She's tall with
light brown skin. She's has long blond hair and a small dimple on her left
cheek when she smiles. Oh and did I mention she has a daughter.

Yep, she has an 18 year old daughter, Tina. She had Tina in her first

Tina is beautifully. She's Kind a tall about 5'8 with long tan legs and an
ass to match.

She was also in the wedding. Standing across the aisle, and wearing a pink
dress just like all the rest of the bride's maids. I guess I had a small
crush on my new sister right from the start. I never said anything the
whole time Jessica and my dad were dating, I didn't want to complicate
things between them.

After the wedding there was a small reception. Where friends and family
ate and drank and had fun. After the reception Tina drove me back home.
Dad and Jessica wouldn't be home for a few days honey moon and all. So
Tina and I were going to be home alone for a few days. Shortly after my
dad asked Jessica to marry him, Jessica and Tina moved in with us. Are
house was plenty big enough, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Kitchen, dinning
room, living room, study. We got home and headed upstairs. My room was
right next to Tina's.

I decided to watch some TV. I spent a few minutes channel surfing with out
any success in finding anything. Witch is all the better because I had to
go pee. I exited my room and crossed the hall way and entered the
bathroom. I lifted the lid on the toilet and opened my pants. I took aim
and let it go. I was standing there Peeing when I started thinking about
my new sister. About how cute she looked today in that dress, about how
tight her ass looks in her everyday jeans. About how big her tits are.

I finished peeing and started jerking on my now hard cock. I'm not big in
the cock department only 7in long and about 3in round but its enough to get
my Girl friend off so I'm happy.

I was picturing Tina undressing. First, taking off her top, exposing her
38 c tits being pushed up by her bra. I pictured her unclasping the clasp
to her bra. Her tits bouncing with the release. Her, tossing her bra to
the floor. Her lifting her jean shorts exposing her shaven juice pussy. I
was jerking my cock very rapidly now. I was about ready to cum when the
unthinkable happened. Tina walked in on me in the bathroom.

She walked in wearing nothing but a blue robe. She stopped in mid step. I
looked up at her and then down at my hand still pumping away at my cock. I
couldn't stop my self I was on the edge of a powerfully orgasm and nothing,
not even my sister watching, was going to stop me. I cumed hard, it came
out in short bursts. It plopped into the water in the toilet. My sister
never moved or said anything. She didn't run out she didn't look away, she
didn't even blink. As my orgasm subsided I found myself blushing of
embarrassment. I flushed the toilet and turned to run out past her and out
of the bathroom. As I was going past her she reached out and braded my
shirt. I Stopped and looked at the ground. I couldn't look at her after
what I just did. She looked at me and said "It's alright!" I looked into
her eyes and saw that she was serous and not joking around. "We all do it"
she said in a soft tone.

She reached behind me and shut the door. She then pushed me back agents
the door and kissed me. And it wasn't and family kiss it was a sensual
kiss. I was surprised at first but within a few sec it wore off and I
started kissing her right back.

I moved my hand up to her face cupping her head right below her ear. I ran
my fingers through her hair. We broke the kiss only for a few sec's to
gasp some air then back to kissing. I moved my hands down and untied the
belt to her robe.

At the same time she pulled up on my shirt. We broke are kiss long enough
for my shirt to come up over my head. Then we were back at it. I untied
the knot on he belt and pushed her robe off her body. It falls to the
ground behind her in a slump.

She pulled back from me allowing me a few sec to admire her naked body.
Her breasts were perky and her nipples were hard. She had a tight stomach
with sculpted hips, and long thighs. Her pussy was shaven with an
exception of a small patch right about her slit.

She was tan light brown all over.

After the few sec, she went to her knees and started to undo my pants. She
slid down my jeans exposing my boxers. My cock was hard and barley being
held back by my boxers.

She leaned in and started to Gum at my cock through my boxers. She was
nibbling down and back up my shaft through my boxers. It was driving me
crazy. Some pre cum ooze stared to soak into the fabric of my boxers. She
saw this and started licking the area.

This drove me all the farther.

After a few minutes of this I was almost ready to cum, even though she
hadn't even touched my cock yet. She ran her hands up my legs and wrapped
her fingers around the sides of the waist band of my boxers. Slowly she
moved then down. As she moved my boxers down they pulled around my cock
and bent it straight downward. Then with a flop it was released smacking
my stomach. She moved my boxers down the rest of the way, and I stepped
out of them.

With her left hand she reached up and grabbed my cock at its base. She
started jerking it up and down slowly. She with each stroke she spread
more of my pre cum over my cock.

She began to jerk faster and faster. She moved her head and pushed my cock
head into her mouth. She rubbed her tong over my cock head. That was all
it took. I started cumming into her mouth. She didn't swallow it she keep
it in her mouth. When I was done cumming she stood up and kissed me.

She pushed all my cum back into my mouth. At first I wanted to pull away.
But then I realized it didn't taste that nasty. More like salty snot. I
swallowed most of it down, but a little of him I forced back into her
mouth. She broke off the kiss and swallowed what was left in her mouth.

After a moment she reached into the shower and turned the water on. It
started to get steamy in that small room. She then moved towards me and
whispered into my ear "I want you, inside me, NOW!" She pulled on my
shoulders as we got down on the floor.

Now the room was full of steam.

I kissed her as I positioned myself between her legs. My body was only mm
above hers I placed my hands on the floor to support myself. I trusted my
hip and pushed my cock head into my sister's pussy. She closed her eyes as
I pushed harder pushing my cock all the way into her pussy. She wasn't a
virgin but she was tight. I had popped my girl friends cherry so I knew
what it felt like. I made it all the way into her pussy. I rested there
for a sec as I kissed her neck. Then I started pulling out. The walls of
her pussy were very warm and wet. I could feel her pussy clamping down on
my cock as I pulled the head back out. With out hesitation I pushed into
her again, with a little more force this time. This time as I pulled out I
didn't pull all the way out. I stopped short of pulling all the way out,
and with the same amount of force I pushed back into her.

I started increasing my tempo moving in and out of her faster and faster.
Her juices were just running out of her pussy. Her body started to glisten
with sweet. Her tits bounced up and down with every thrust and pull of my

She reached up with her hands and pinched her nipples. She played with her
tits and pinched her nipples. She arched her back and began moaning. She
closed her eyes and said "harder" in a small wispier like voice. I started
pushing harder and faster into her pussy. She tossed her head back and
forth rubbing her hair across the blue tiled floor.

She clenched down hard increasing the tightness of her pussy.

"Oh God... Oh God... yes faster" she said almost gasping for air. I tried
to push faster.

The sweat was dripping off my forehead in large drops. I could feel the
steam coming from the shower right beside us. It was in contrast to the
cold floor.

"Oh God!" she said sucking in a big gulp of air. She lifted her head up
grabbed my neck with her arms and pulled me down on top of her hard. I
could feel every muscle in her body instantly pull tight. After a few
seconds she breathed out her air and relaxed. I never stopped fucking her
the whole time.

I was going to work her towards a second orgasm. I keep pushing in and out
of her pussy. Her breathing started to become labored again. Her chest
was heaving up and down. I could feel her hart beating faster and faster.
She began to moan again only louder. There was no one in the house anyway
so it didn't matter. I was breathing heavy and my hart was pounding.

She moved her arms down by her side quickly and began to arch her back.
Again she sucked in a large gulp of air and rolled her eyes up into her
head. She let out a loud scream as her orgasm peeked. As she did I began
to cum again too. I cummed but it wasn't a big load I still wasn't
recharged enough from earlier.

I collapsed next to her on the floor. She turned her head and looked into
my eyes. She said "do you know how long I have wanted to do that?" I
looked into her eyes and said "Do you know how long I wanted to do that
too?" She laughed and reached over and ran her fingers through my hair.
"So what do we do from her?" I asked. She looked into my eyes and said "I
don't know, Mom and dad will not be home for days." I laughed and said
"then I guess we have time to come up with something."
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