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Drink Too Many

posted Jan 31, 2011 20:10:52 by AbarJigay
Shortly after my son’s wedding he and his wife needed to move in with us. It turns out, gee, “big surprise” (as this Never happens) the contractor building their new house had some “delays” in finishing it. My wife and I were very happy to have them stay with us. I, especially, didn’t mind. His young twenty one year old wife was what you would call a “babe”. And, much to my surprise, she seemed to be very fond of me.

I like her the first time I saw her. I began fantasizing about her from the first time I saw her. This is unusual for me, I am just not into that kind of thing. I prefer the real thing, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t what you would call a dirty old man. At least not at the time. Having them in the house didn’t make things any better for me regarding my horny thoughts about her. I would lay in bed with my own wife and we would get turned on hearing their passionate love making in my son’s nearby room.

It had not occurred to us before that probably he had been able to hear me making to love to his mother when he was growing up in that room. One Saturday night shortly after they moved in we wound up sitting around the kitchen table about to play Monopoly. We were bored. My son gets the bright idea that we should all go out partying. My wife and I are not really into that sort of thing but his boyish exuberance won us over.

An hour later we were in the middle of really hanging one on. And having a really good time. It was decided that I would be the designated driver, so I stayed fairly sober while the three of them all got drunk. Very drunk. My son and his new wife really over did it. My wife also had too much too drink as she isn’t quite used to that sort of thing. On the way home, my son passed out in the car. It took me awhile to get him from the car to the house. The three of us managed to get him into his bed. My wife went into our bedroom and collapsed clothes still on.

My daughter in-law, who was in just slightly better shape than my son, began to take her clothes off right in front of me while I began to strip my son’s clothes. By the time I had him naked except for his underwear, she was naked and had passed out cold on her side of the bed. I have to admit that I spent some time looking at her luscious body and developing a large hard on while doing it. I couldn’t help myself. I took a huge heart-in-the-throat chance. I reached over and ran my hands over her body. She never even twitched. I left with a raging hard on.

I got to my room and began to take my wife’s clothes off. I touched her in all those familiar places that I had got used to since we married. I spent lots of time on her breasts and even longer at her pussy. My wife was a good-looking woman. She still turned me on after all these years. I stripped down, my aching hard on bouncing around as I stumbled around the room. Looking at my wife’s swollen pussy lips, I just had to her and get some relief. She was out cold but I knew she wouldn’t mind. It didn’t take me long to position her just right. I climbed between her legs and lubricating my cockhead with some of her sweet pussy juice, I entered my wife’s delicious pussy.

All the while I was fucking my wife I couldn’t help thinking about the pretty young thing in the next room. I ejaculated a large amount of cum inside my wife and pulled out dripping. To my amazement, I was still hard and for the first time felt strangely unsatisfied. I lay there playing with my cock, lubricated by my wife’s juices and my cum. It took me only five minutes to decide my what I would do next. Naked, I softly padded into the guest room, hard, dripping cock preceding me.

My son was dead to the world. I was sure he would not notice anything and his wife would not either. Naked and dripping my wife’s pussy juice from my cock, I reached over and put my hand on her pussy. She was surprisingly wet. She was laying on her side. I moved her so she was on her back and moved her legs apart. I put my head between them and gave her a kiss right on her pussy. I put my tongue inside of her. She tasted musky and very sexy. I licked with abandon. She began to move he hips. I was startled but the humping motions of her mound into my mouth seduced me. I looked over to my son’s sleeping figure.

He seemed to be still quite out of it. She began to moan softly which pulled my eyes away from my son. I didn’t expect her to be anything but passed out. I was getting a little nervous. Looking up between her legs, sighting down her hairy bush and between her breasts, I looked at her face. Her eyes were not completely closed. They were opened just a tiny bit, almost slits. To my shocked surprise I discovered that she was not as passed out as I thought she was.

I stopped dead in mid lick. I raised my head. I was caught and I knew I was dead. Life would never be the same again. Boy, was I ever right on that one! I heard her soft voice whisper, “Jim, please don’t stop”. I didn’t move I was so scared. My name is Jim. Then she pulled my head into her pussy and humped her hole right at my nose. My hesitation was over. My tongue left my mouth and plunged into her tight little pussy and it worn around with a life of its own. He legs wrapped around my head and squeezed her first orgasm. My son hadn’t moved.

While she was recovering, I got on top of her and slipped myself inside of her. She was really tight. As wet as she was, I was glad for the lubrication from my wife and my previous cum coating my cock. I began to fuck her, first slowly and then with an urgency I had not expected. She reacted like a woman that had not ever been properly fucked before. I fucked her hard and fast being very turned on by her giggling breasts and shaking head. I could feel my cum building up inside my balls. I knew I shouldn’t come inside of her, as they were trying to have a baby and hadn’t conceived yet.

She was fertile and ready – but the feeling of her wrapped around me and looking at those pert firm breasts shaking in front of my eyes, not to mention the urgency in her quiet voice. Well, I lost control. Without really intending this, I spurted a huge load of sperm inside of her. I lay there on top of her moving my spent dick in and out of her suddenly loose and slippery tunnel, no longer tight around me. I was amazed her actions. She pushed her pussy up into my crotch, stuffing my waning cock inside her and did “something” with her vagina.

I had heard of being milked before but had no idea what it meant. Until now. He pussy actually grasped my cock and Pulled at it over and over again. I was left wondering just exactly who was fucking who. My lust satiated, I began to get nervous. I pulled out and looked carefully at her used pussy. It did not close. I was looking at an oval dark opening. Cum was leaking out of it. Her eyes were really closed now. She placed a hand on what was left of her pussy and looked like she was asleep.

Beginning to panic I began to think erratically. She knew it was me but was now passed out. I grabbed at her pussy and massaged some of the juices leaking from her into my hand. I smeared it over my son’s limp cock. Back in my room, my wife was just how I left her – legs spread wide and cum dripping from her open pussy lips. My cock started to rise again. Damn I was horny that night. Slipping between her legs yet one more time I fucked her for a long, long time before I shot another load into her. The next morning, nobody asked any questions.

Except for headaches all around everyone was acting quite normal. My son, I am sure, thought he had fucked his wife and my wife thought I had done her. My son’s wife didn’t say or do a thing out of the norm. Watching her move around the kitchen in her thin bathrobe was, however, starting to make me twitch. I was thinking that I was a lucky son of a bitch that I had got away with it. I was feeling smug sitting at the kitchen table. I smiled my thanks as my wife volunteered to go down to the cellar to retrieve a bottle of my favorite jam.

My son was convinced by our dog that he needed to go out Now and was about to take him to the back yard. Just before he left, he leaned over me and whispered, “Dad, you were really awesome last night. Way cool. I’m proud of you!” Then, laughing, he went out back dragging the dog behind him. I was so shocked that I almost lost bladder control. The little shit had set me up and watched me fuck his wife! Watching the door close behind him, I began to regain a little bit of my composure. Without knowing what I was doing, I put a piece of toast in my mouth. Then, while I was halfway into my toast and about to gulp down some coffee.

His young wife hugged me around the neck and kissed and bit my ear. I almost died in a double dose of confusion. She whispered that “last night” was absolutely wonderful. She reached between my legs and gave my burgeoning cock a strong squeeze and turned my head to kiss me full on the lips. Quickly she stood beside me and with a lusty look on her face lifted up her robe to reveal a naked pussy and pushed it into my crumb-filled mouth.

Not being a complete fool, I was able to get in half a dozen really good licks of her swollen pink lips before I heard my wife walking up the stairs. Quick as a flash she was on the other side of the kitchen and I pushed the remainder of the toast (now flavored with pussy cream) into my mouth. It’s now been three years. My daughter in law (with my son’s blessing) and I have fucked each other on a weekly basis for all that time, including when she gave birth to their kids.
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