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Unforgettable With My Aunt

posted Jan 31, 2011 20:04:51 by AbarJigay
Hi to everyone. My name is Punith m 26 year old male staying near Mumbai. I have read hundreds of stories in ISS which inspired me to write this one. Since for the first time m narrating my story pls forgive my mistakes. It happened 9 years back when I was 18 year old and I was in my 14th. We are a family of four me my father, my mother and my younger sister. My aunt (mothers sister) stayed in our house for 4 years for study purpose when I was in my primary school days.

She was good looking with average features. She used to teach me and helped me during my exam preparations. That time I had no sexual feelings towards her(may be I was very small). She finished her studies and went back to native place. Later my father got transfer to new place and we shifted there. My aunt was a regular visitor to our place once in a while. In the mean while I also reached high school and started exploring about sex. I used to get erections and I had no idea what to do when I get that, coz

I was not knowing about masturbation at that time. I used to watch star movies and V channel whenever I got little chance and was aroused by the kissing scenes and watching girls with minimum dresses on their bodies. I used to press my penis and become naked etc. Gradually I learnt the art of masturbation and did regularly watching TV fantasizing about girls known to me, my lady teachers and all. Once my parents were out of the station for 15 days along with my sister and my aunt came to stay with me for those 15 days.
Though I was exploring about sex I had no sexual feelings towards my aunt. But one day I was very much aroused and saw my aunt in the same mood. From that day onwards I started developing lust towards her without my knowledge. And I wanted to try something with her. One day I demanded her to change channel and put sports channel when we were watching TV, she refused. Since we were very close I thought of having friendly physical fight to grab the remote from her. My mind was full of lust and I started feeling her body in that fight.

She was not aware of that or maybe she also enjoyed that physical intimacy (She was at the peak of marriageable age). From that day onwards I used fight with her for all silly reasons and started exploring her body and it reached a stage when no part of her body was untouched and felt by me(Over the clothes). It started giving me 100% assurance that she is also enjoying that. I also became little bold and I directly used to hug her and masturbate by rubbing my penis to her body. Sometimes I used to move my fingers over her pussy area and play there over her salwar kameez dress.

One day I was really aroused like anything when we both were alone, I directly went and hugged her and closed all the windows of our hall. I forced her to lay down on the deewan cot in the hall and jumped on her and started kissing her like mad, i put my legs over hers and started massaging with mine, then i grabbed her boobs and started pressing hard. All the while she was tellin “pls don do this m your aunt”, but I was in no mood to listen to her since i was sure of the pleasure she was getting.

Then I removed my pant and underwear together in one go and guided her hand to hold and press my penis. She started pressing it and was enjoying the feel of pressing my rock hard penis. In the mean while I undressed her upper part started sucking her boobs. I started licking her body inch by inch and moved towards umbilicus and played there with my tongue for a while. She was busy in playing with my penis. I moved my penis towards her mouth and placed it over her lip and felt the moist warmth from her lip.

I requested her to give me blow job for which she refused but I forced her and made her to suck my cock just like lollipop. I was enjoying the feel of my life. Later my attention went to the knot of her choodidhar pant. I untied the knot and slowly removed her pant to expose her panty. It was just unbelievable things which were happening in front of my eyes, then I slowly slid her pant along her thigh and her hairy pussy was exposed part by part.

I really went mad by looking at it and put my mouth n buried my face between her thighs. She started pressing my head hard over her pussy area. in the mean while i was busy in licking, sucking n doing all sorts of nasty things with her pussy. She reached her orgasm twice. She started forcing me to fuck her. I obeyed her order got up placed my monstrous cock over her pussy entrance and started teasing her. She was badly in need of a fuck. I understood her feelings n slowly started penetrating, I was fully in. I began giving her strokes by pushing my penis in and out of her pussy.

I gradually increased my pace and she was in heaven moaning like anything. I continued my strokes for some time and started feeling that m going to cum. I pressed my trunk hard against hers and ejected inside her pussy. My juices started flowing out of her pussy. We both were totally satisfied. I lay on her body for a while and then got up. I was ready for another session after sometime which was even wilder.
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