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Computer Repair To Girl Repair

posted Feb 04, 2011 20:22:55 by AbarJigay
Hi there Indiansexstories readers, I have always been a Reader and now as I have registered I am going to share with all you people, the sex experience I had with he people around me. So here is the first one. I fell in love with a girl when I was doing my college in Chennai. Whenever I go out with my girl friend, her friend used to accompany with us along with her Boy friend. We actually go out as two couples and once we go to the destination spot we used to split to different places. I got married after I completed my college where as the other girl love broke due to family problems.

Even though she is a very naughty girl, she controls her sexual feelings very well. Since I don’t want reveal her name, let me name her as Risha. To say about her structure, Fuck she has the best features to be called as a SLUT.36-30-37,Very fair like an actress, Anyone who looks at her will feel like shagging their dick and also to say more in detail, they will feel like they should fuck a like her at least once in life time.

Now to the day of pleasure, Risha computer was completely infected with virus and she called my wife and asked my wife to send me to her home so that I could help her in getting the system repaired. As I was very busy with my work I was not able to go to Risha home for 2 weeks, then finally she called me and said that I should come to her home on Friday as her father will not be there in her home. (I said to her before that I will not come to her home if her dad is there, as I am bit afraid of her dad.).She called me and gave this piece of information. I asked my wife what I should do and my wife asked me to go and help her in getting the computer fixed.

I work in Night (1030pm to 0730am) shift and when I return home in the morning i will be very tired. I reached home by 9AM after I completed my shift, As soon as I reached home I got a call from Rish and she asked me to come to her home. In spite of the tiredness, I brushed my teeth, Had a bath and left to her home. I reached her home by 10:30Am she welcomed me. I normally go to her home with my wife, But now I went alone. Her mom was there in the first floor, she welcomed me too. Risha took me to the second were the computer was and asked me to work on it.

She was sitting next to me and as I was working on her system, I was also watching her features. You know why? She was wearing a very tight T shirt and a Skirt which showed the exact shape of her body, She didn’t even wear a Bra. Her panty shape was very visible. So tight her dress was. Seeing the shape of her body turned me on and those jiggling boobs were bounce here and there and it made my dick get straight. She had big boobs but it was not hanging, it was strong and natural. As i was working on her system,

She suddenly stood up and came behind me and she said “What got afraid huh, don’t worry, I know you have been working all day night, so let me give you a massage on your head”. She placed her hand in my head and fuck, It felt like heaven, she massaged my head so perfectly i felt like all my pain is relieving. Her massage was so perfect. She then moved her hands from my head to my neck and did a massage, but this time it was more heavenly because when she lowered her hand on my neck, I thought of resting,

My head on her tummy, but as she was a bit short, I happened to rest my head on her Boobs. Wow, I didn’t expect that day could be a luckiest day in my life.Her fingers were playing in my neck, between my hairs and head by the name of massage. She suddenly took her hand away from me and she said she will be back in a short while. I started working on her system again, I opened the Internet explorer and was fucking shocked to see the history. It was all porn websites that she has visited. I thought she was a very good girl all these days. She came back with some sweet that she prepared for me

As i was eating it I asked her what those porn websites was all about. She never has any secrets with me, so she said a big secret to me. Before she broke with her boy friend, her boy friend forced her to have sex with him in car and she fucked her real hard. From that day she is feeling very horny. I just said ok and started eating the sweet. She suddenly fell in my legs and pleaded not to say this to anyone and she was crying.

When she fell down I was doing nothing but watching her big boobs fucking cleavage, where her entire boobs was visible and I also found that she was not wearing any bra. Fuck I thought of grabbing those Boobs, but I controlled myself from doing that as i don’t want to get in to any trouble. But I cannot take my eyes from her boobs. She is a Very fair girl like an actress, her skin was very white. But now she noticed me looking at her boobs, even she was not able to control her feelings for a long period of time. She had her hand on my feet which started moving up towards my dick.

She slowly moved her hands over my legs and it finally reached my Penis. She was rubbing her hand over my pocket, I did not know what I should do she suddenly unzipped my pant and took my penis out and she was amazed to see my 10″ inch tool She started moving her hand on my penis up and down. I thought why should I wait for. I bent down and placed my hand on her hip, Lifted her made her kneel down in front of me and started moving my hands on her tummy first, she closed her eyes and was shaking my penis all the while.

I moved my hand up slowly now from her tummy to her boobs and I caught those nipples and her boobs. I removed her t shirt at once and was shocked to see those pink nipples as most of the girls I have seen had brown nipples only. I squeezed those boobs and she shouted aaaahhhh due to pain. She then moved her mouth near my dick and slowly licked my Penis and the balls and fuck man, I should say she is a pro in giving a blow job and in sucking the balls,

Her tongue was rolling all over my penis and balls, and then she took half of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it Fuck, i did not realize all these days that she is so good in that. She sucked my penis like hell were I started to moan. After a long blowjob, I made her to stand and I slowly lifted her skirt to keep my hands on her ass and pussy. My surprise, Her pussy was cleanly shaved and the juice was flowing out of her pussy,

Her pussy was all wet. I pushed her on the sofa now and I jumped above her. She is feeling very mood now and wanted a good long hard fuck. As soon as i went above her I started kissing all over her body and grabbed one boob in my hand and the other boob in my mouth and started to suck in and pres it the way she moaned,aaaahhhh,yesssssss,Harder harder, come on

Sam, harder……Torture meeee,aaahhh, uuuuhhhhh,…And to stop her sound I did not know what to do, I slapped her opened her mouth and I inserted my dick entirely in to her mouth.I started to sahke my penis in her mouth, Risha bitch was sucking it real hard i wanted to cum allover her face.After a long suck and took my mouth out of her boobs and I moved forward and smelled her panty. The smell of the White foam turned me on, I started to shake my penis real hard on her mouth and I was moaning it very fast, to my surprise she liked it. I have never seen a girl co wild,

Not even in porn movies. I got very moody I just tore her panty and started licking her pussy real hard till her pussy was dry. We both moaned like hell. We loved all that we were doing a lot. She was shouting lick it Sam, Yyahhhhh, deeply Sam! Drink all those juices, I said to her……Ssssshhut upppp uuuu Bitch, suck my cock. I forced the cock to go deep in to her throat..

We then stopped for a while and we hugged each other as it was very heavenly…We stood up as we hugged each other and I moved my hand to her ass and then to her pussy and rubbed it. I said to her that I never want to forget this and took my mobile and kept it near the computer, the camera was facing us, I made her to bend front towards the camera, She placed her hand on the Computer table and she bent. I was able to see both the holes from behind. I asked her which one should I choose, She said “I am all yours, Fuck me where ever you want and in which ever hole you want.”

Her ass hole was very tight. I then moved to her pussy, Took my 10 inch tool and inserted it very slowly, suck man, It was very tight. Her pussy was not used by anyone other than that one time fuck done by her ex boy friend. I was really lucky. Her tight pussy made my penis real hard but with those juices from her pussy, I forced my penis in to her pussy, she shouted with pain, slowly Sam. I started humping her real hard she was shouting to the core and I humped her real hard, her pussy started to bleed , but she loved it, she wanted to feel that pain. I then moved my penis to her ass. It was a very small hole.

I took all the juices from her pussy, Applied it in my penis, and there it goes, I poked her ass real hard, She shouted to the core and when I started to hump her ass, she felt real horny and started enjoying it. I fucked her for 15 minutes and after that she slept on me for 10 minutes, I did not repair the system, but totally damaged her and I got repaired too. I enjoyed fucking that slut. How was this friends, Send me your suggesting and also can mail me
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