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Friend To Partner

posted Feb 04, 2011 20:26:03 by AbarJigay
am 6 feet height and have a good physic and good smile any girls between the age group of 18-25 who want to have or enjoy sex can contact me on this email this incident happened like this it was in many of this year I had completed me 10+2 and was preparing for my entrance exams and I live in a apartment top floor and in a floor below mine there was a family of 4 whose younger daughter was of my age and also a good friend of mine.

I didn’t have any bad intentions towards her as she was a good and innocent girl(I thought).her name is Deepthi whom I call Deepu .about her height is 5′7 and had firm ass and flaunting curves u will die for and a boobs of apple size. I had completed one of my exam and was preparing for my next one and in that time only my mom dad and bro had to go to a marriage function for 3 days to my home town so on that d-day I woke up a little late than daily and went to in to the balcony and say that Deepu was coming from somewhere and she saw me and gave a good smile. I completed my daily works and was getting ready to study then the bell rang and

I opened the door and saw Deepu standing in front of me wearing a pink top and brown skirt she asked me for a book to study and I told her to come in and she came and locked the door and sat down and I went in to see the book and see came back of me to my room I felt happy so that I can also share my work so I asked her to see the down racks as I check the top ones while searching like that she touched my dick with her face(specifically lips) that day I didn’t wear any underwear so due to this touches my dick stated to raise which formed a tent like in my pants which was embarrassing so I started walking out but she was staring at my dick only and while

I was moving caught it which shocked me and just asked what r u doing she asked what is this I didn’t respond so she came near and said I now it’s your dick please show me it once by listening all this I was shocked and gained myself in 1 min and told her that I will show if u show me yours listening which she left it and went one step back and pulled her skirt and showed her panty and white thighs which made me crazy and I to tease her took my shirt off and asked her to continue and she pulled down her top showing her bra which was stopping her boobs free

Seeing that I without knowing only took off my pant and my dick was standing hard seeing which her eyes were expanded and mouth opened with excitement I moved a little forward towards her and she towards me and I put my hand on her navel which was like a current that passed in my body and pulled her towards me I think she also felt like that I then put my lip on hers and gave her a lip lock first one of my life wow an amazing experience which lasted 1 min only as I was left breathe less so after sometime again we started to lip lock each other for more than 10 mins which den went on to kissing on her face

And then neck and then armpits and then top of her boobs and then went to back of her and opened her white bra which showed me the one of the most beautiful scene of my life which has a brown nipple protruding out of her body I like it a lot and just started to press her boobs and just was seeing her she told to suck and lick her boobs which surprised me a lot and just followed it and started sucking and licking it hard and it was it was enjoyable thing and then went down kissing her navel and then even went down and kissed her thighs and pulled her panty which revealed her clean shaved pussy (the way I like)

And started kissing it vigorously and she was moaning on my every kiss a memorable moment in life and inserted my finger in her pussy on her saying and tongue and made her cum very fast and made have her 1st orgasm and then she pulled me up with my hair and went down and started to lick my dick like a lollipop and then took it in her mouth and started to suck it and I cum in her mouth only and she drank everything but when she cum I didn’t drink anything as I didn’t like its taste so

After having licking and each of us having orgasm I pulled her up and got ready to fuck her and put my dick on the start of her pussy and started to insert it in to hers which was very tight and was not allowing in I pushed it very hard and when half of mine went in only she started to shout like hell to control it I started to kiss her and press her boobs and after some time again I tried to insert it inside her and at last succeeded in inserting it and started to ride her

And she was enjoying it a lot and was also moaning ahahahh which made me crazy and I started to fuck her even more hard and at last mode of us had our orgasms and we were tried and both slept on each other naked and after getting up say that there was blood stains on my dick and then came to now that virgin pussy when inserted will get blood she got ready by cleaning herself and kissed me and went off from my house and 1 month later shifted somewhere and now there is no contact between us.
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