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Live Japan TV - News Sport Anime TV shows Food Music

posted Jun 06, 2018 08:20:22 by tangkuanchen
Where to talk about Japanese News, Sport, Anime, Movie, TV shows, Comedy, Music, Food, Study, Nature, Fighting, and so on? How to watch Japan local TV live when we're living in abroad for some reason (studying, working, emigrating, even learning Japanese, etc.)

So FUJITV Live ( (a Japan TV live service) provide a communicate group on Facebook ( to share Japan related information with you! Now please invite a lot of people or friends in this group! Please feel free to talk here and make a cozy place!

I like to make friends, anyone here to see my posts, you can contact me, or contact our team(, can free to watch three days of Japanese TV live.

Please take the opportunity to move your mouse to like and follow FUJITV.
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