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Watch 2018 Sumo Autumn Basho live via ForJoyTV

posted Sep 08, 2018 09:50:42 by vivilysmooth
2018 September basho contest is an annual 15-day grand tournament of sumo,it's the last chance of the year to watch a professional sumo tournament in Tokyo.

If you are in a foreign country outside Japan and can't watch the sumo contest on the spot, it doesn't matter, through Forjoytv(a Japanese TV service) you can still watch the

Sumo wrestling at the first time.

The following is 2018 September Basho Contest schedule:

Live Time: September 9 ~ September 23 15:00 ~ 18:00
Live Channel: NHK総合
Live Link: (14-day playback)
Support: iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile/Smart TV/TV box, PC, Mac, desktop

9/9 大相撲秋場所 初日 進退かける稀勢の里 大関挑戦 御嶽海

9/10 大相撲秋場所 二日目 注目力士の初日は

9/11 大相撲秋場所 三日目 ご当地力士を迎え 盛況の夏巡業

9/12 大相撲秋場所 四日目 切磋琢磨(せっさたくま)するライバル~朝乃山&豊山~

9/13 大相撲秋場所 五日目 いま注目!イチオシ若手力士たち

9/14 大相撲秋場所 六日目 序盤戦を振り返る


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