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ForJoyTV Supports Windows and Mac Desktop Version to watch Japanese TV

posted Sep 17, 2018 08:58:52 by vivilysmooth
What if you're in a foreign country and want to watch domestic TV? ForJoyTV is awesome. It's the best way to watch Japanese TV abroad, it provides TV live service and offers better viewing experience to all Japanese nationals.

ForJoyTV supports a variety of devices to make your viewing options more extensive, the desktop version for Windows/Mac is able to work well without any browser or flash player. Just enjoy Japanese TV channels more freely, faster and easier.

Highlight Features Of ForJoyTV:

1.Contain many Japan TV channels’ live streaming.
2.Decent catch-up TV with 2 weeks.
3.Download TV shows for watching offline anytime.
4.Collect all beloved TV channels as Favorites.
5.Allow to enable Child Lock.
6.Set auto full screen mode.
7.Drag to resize the player window.
8.Switch language interface: English and Japanese.
9.Allow to enable hardware decoding and rendering.

With ForJoyTV, get full access to the streaming library with breaking News, TV dramas, hit movies, variety, sports, kid shows, and more.

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